BACS’ investment banking services include debt and equity capital markets as well as structured finance loans, M&A and advisory.

BACS is one of the leading corporate bonds arranger and placement agents of the Argentine market. Between 2010 and 2015, the bank has participated in more than 125 transactions worth over AR$ 36 bn.
The bank´s client base comprises players from a wide range of industries including oil & gas, agribusiness, real estate companies and financial institutions.
Furthermore, BACS has access to a wide range of investors including mutual funds, insurance companies, brokerage houses and family offices.


  • IPOS


  • M&A

BACS is an integral market agent under local regulation (“Agente de Liquidación y Compensación y Agente de Negociación Integral”), registered to operate in the largest local market platforms, including MAE, Rofex and Merval, both, for proprietary book and on behalf of its clients.

Secondary Market

In addition to its primary distribution efforts, BACS actively participates in the corporate debt secondary market. In 2015, BACS ranked in the 2nd place in the corporate debt market in MAE (source: Mercado Abierto Electronico).

BACS has been very active in the arrangement and placement of securitizations, both locally and internationally, a segment where it has a distinguished experience and track record.
In its early stages, it was particularly involved in the mortgage loans market, while in recent years it developed and expanded the asset backed securities base to the segments of payroll deduction loans, personal loans, car loans and leasing. Between 2010 and 2015, BACS structured and placed in the local market more than 60 securitizations worth over AR$ 5 bn.

BACS provides structured financing to large and medium companies through syndicated loans, working capital facilities and factoring.

The client base includes some of the most relevant corporates in the Argentine market, as well as numerous mid-sized companies in a wide range of industries. Through the understanding of its client needs, BACS develops taylor-made financing solutions.

BACS provides consumer financing mainly in the segments of car loans, payroll deduction loans, leasing and mortgages. In the car loans segment, the bank originates directly through a network of third party car agencies.

BACS provides financing to local loan originators, including banks, cooperatives and other financial institutions, through portfolio acquisitions. BACS has acquired diverse loan portfolios, including car loans, leasing, and consumer loans.

BACS is a reputable and experienced loan portfolio administrator.

It has administrate a portfolio of over than AR$1.2 bn, providing all administration related services, including accounting and tax services, portfolio reports, etc.